Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sucker Hole, Part 2.

Cuisinart update!

Okay, when I last left off I'd called and had my warranty request moved to "investigation" status. Hmph. I waited and a week later I got a voice mail from the same guy saying that I'd been approved for a replacement and to call back. Only, he didn't leave his name, a phone number or any kind of tracking or claim number. GREAT.

I called back and got a completely different person, who, when I explained my situation, asked me for a tracking number for my claim. YEAH, I DON'T HAVE ONE. He then tried to look me up in "the system" and couldn't find me. Oh, but of course. Then he tried to tell me that I'd have to start all over again and re-file, which I strongly disagreed with and then asked to talk to a manager. He told me he's have one call me back. Yeah.

A few days later I get a voice mail from someone named Crawford (not his actual name, btw.) who left his name, number and an extension. Progress! I tried to call him back, but guess what? The Cuisinart phone system doesn't do extensions. Yeah, you can dial those four digits like crazy but nothing is going to happen. You just wait on hold for the next available representative like everyone else. GRAND.

I talked to yet ANOTHER representative, told him what I was trying to do and who I was trying to reach and he said that Crawford worked the morning shift and he'd leave him a message. A message on paper. Really? Crawford has an extension and you can't, like, transfer me or anything? I've not heard back from Crawford, but I'm going to keep trying since he was dumb enough to leave me his stupid name. BAD LUCK FOR YOU, CRAWFORD.


  1. Oooh! Now you have a NAME. You OWN them, in terms of being the squeaky wheel customer they are desperate to get rid of. You must persevere.

  2. Crawford is Lucifer and Hell doesn't have a voicemail system.

  3. Now you can tell them that you are doing an expose on their shady business practices. Bastards.

  4. Call Michael Moore. You've got an idea for his next documentary.