Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Year of the Lion

What happened last year that's worth writing about that I haven't already written about? I usually do a highlights/lowlights list, but instead I'll give you this:

small good things about 2008

I read a shit-ton of books: 42 of them, to be exact.

I now own a truly fantastic pair of red shoes.

I finally baked a loaf of bread. I know, hold me back.

I completed an entire weight training program, start to finish.

I started out the new year with a mountain bike ride in weather so cold I'm still whimpering about it. Character building.

But, one of the last rides I did in 2008 was a short-sleeve ride. Gotta love that messed up weather:

In 2008 I stayed active, I made stuff, wrote stuff, regressed into past lives, got in touch with old friends (thanks, F@cebook!), voted in an historic election, painted the damn bathroom, frolicked with friends in Knoxville, grew some vegetables, made (and sold) a lot of jewelry, and cooked a lot.

I could make a similar list of bad things, but I'm not trying to bring y'all down. It's a new year, a new start. I don't really do resolutions, I just try to not suck a little less every year. A worthy goal. I did like the resolution that my gym friend told me was his: "I'm going to rise above it and try to take the high road EVEN WHEN I KNOW I'M RIGHT."

Yeah! That's the stuff. (We talked about this resolution of his after I spent some time whining about the resolutionists clogging up my gym and requiring me to show up 30 minutes early for my spin class. Don't misunderstand, it's great that people want to change their habits, but I'm there every damn week all year long and the gym owners don't seem to care that there are suddenly 20 more people in line than there are bikes available. It's like going to work every morning in January and finding a stranger sitting in your desk chair with five more people in line behind it. Anyway, I'm happy with taking the high road as long as there's a damn spin bike on it, is all I'm saying. I'll even help the newbs adjust their saddle. But I digress.)

So! Since I mentioned the lion, I feel like I need to give you lion. For those of you not on Facebook, here are a few more stealthy photos my husband found of that annoying critter:

PeeEes...my fabulous new masthead is courtesy of the lovely Saucy Trollop! Thanks, Suzanne.


  1. Nice shoes! I read 37 books - more than in 2007. But, I saw no lions. More's the pity.

  2. You look all badass in that bike photo!

  3. Ahahhaa! The lion. Love him.