Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation Ahoy.

Yes, I'm nine hours away from having ten days off IN A ROW. I mentally checked out, oh, around Tuesday, but now I'm clock-watching and hour-counting and completely pissed off that I have to spend my lunch hour at the dentist office. My crown suddenly feels...higher? It ain't right, so I have to get it rejigged. Fun.

But, next week I'm OFFFFFF. In the grand tradition of the staycation, we're staying put. We have no money for fancy gallivanting, so we're going to just have fun at home. We'll probably take the bikes somewhere interesting, we'll definitely be going to see some movies (my first priority is to see Moon, which is directed by Duncan Jones, AKA David Bowie's son. Since I more or less helped pay for that boy's college education, I'd like to see if my investment has paid off. Also: Sam Rockwell. Woo.)

We'll also be doing some eating of unhealthy foods, some sleeping too late, and some slothful sitting around and drinking. I'm really looking forward to it. For those of you who've been slogging through my blog entries for years, you're probably wondering why I'm not heading off to Knoxville right about now, eh? Well, my friend Marianne who hosts Internet Dork Camp had a baby this spring, so we're going in August instead. Gotta give her new daughter time to learn how to make a perfect margarita, don't you know.

I might update with photos of my sloth next week and I might not. In the meantime, please feel free to check out my entry about last Sunday's bike race. Or don't. Nobody reads that stuff anyway. I'm used to it.


  1. Enjoy. I did get the 10th off so you can join us at the lake.

  2. I was staycationing before it was cool! I want to break tradition and go on REAL-CATION!

    have a great week off!

  3. Kelly, right? I dream of a real-cation.

    Claudia, I'll see you Friday!

  4. yay! Lulu is working on her bartending skills. It's hard to hold the cocktail shaker but I'm encouraging her.