Tuesday, July 3, 2007

8 Random Things About Me (as tagged by Mim)

1. Mim's son Noah is my oldest friend - we'd known each other since preschool.

2. I was completely obsessed by England and all things British when I was a kid. Now I'm just obsessed with well-built young British princes.

3. The sound of ripping paper is my nails on a chalkboard.

4. I think Angelina Jolie is a creepy junkie baby-collector and I hope she and Brad break up. (Sorry, Molly.) I mean, did everyone forget about the vial of blood and Billy Bob and the knives-as-sex-aids? Did we forget about crazy Angelina who frenched her brother? Because I didn't and I'm confused as to why everyone thinks she so great and glamorous when it's clear to me that she's the same brand of crazy wearing a nicer outfit. She's pretty, though. I'll give her that.

5. I think Andrew Zimmern is sort of hot because who doesn't find something a little bit attractive about a dude who will willingly eat anything?

6. Nothing excites me more than a coupon. The first thing I do when the Sunday paper arrives is remove all the coupons and go through them with a pair of scissors. After that, I might read the news.

7. I realized the other day that you never, ever really feel like a grown up, not really. Everything you ever felt is still in there, you just (hopefully) get better at dealing with it. I walk around every day with shadows of my seven year old self, my twelve year old self and my twenty year old self and I am glad for the company.

8.If the freaking peaches don't hit the grocery store soon I am going to lose my MIND. I cannot eat another apple, people. WHERE ARE THEY, UKROPS.

I'm sleepy so I'll only tag a few folks: Claudia, Bunnyrock, Dawn and Suzanne.


  1. Yay I'm the #1 Random Thing! Seriously, that may be the best honor I've ever been given, thanks!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! to the Angelina thing. I really think that the press and the public are willing to forgive/forget a lot of things if you are super pretty.

    I completely am with you on the hot young British princes.

  3. I ripped up some paper today in your honor.

  4. Check out Tom Leonard's for peaches.

  5. Ditto about Angelina Jolie, even her name is suspect!!

  6. "I walk around every day with shadows of my seven year old self, my twelve year old self and my twenty year old self and I am glad for the company."

    That is brilliant. Brilliant in tone, in eloquence and just the statement itself. It's also entirely a comfort to my 25 year old self wondering, when, oh, when, am I going to start 'feeling like an adult.'

  7. mz bivigou's comment might be the nicest one I've ever gotten. Thank you!