Friday, July 20, 2007

The Day, The Day, The Day With No End!

In an hour and a half my vacation starts and it's a good thing because I've started hugging my Swingline and mumbling about squirrels and windows. Here are the things I plan on doing for the next two weeks:

- going to Tennessee for Internet Dork Camp! This is the third year. You can read about the first two years here and here.
- riding my bike
- going to see movies: Harry Potter and Ocean's Thirteen
- a house project. Last year I refinished the coffee table, this year I'm tackling the horrible plaster faux-finish and muddy purple paint on the bathroom walls. Any ideas on the best way to remove crappy plasterwork? I could kill whoever did it with my bare hands, it's so awful. KILL.

God, I only wasted eight minutes writing this? BLAAARGSHGKH;kaHa.ds.


  1. Didn't you hear? Time is actually moving backwards today. It is hurting me.

    You will be here in less than a WEEK OH HOT DAMN!

  2. vacation!!! Have a great time.

  3. Haha okay I already have a funny bike story to tell you. My friend/roomie Jenna and I were riding down Main last night and I got a little freaked by a car behind me; I lost control and ran into a parked car. hahaha. I scraped up my toe (since I decided it might be fun to ride barefoot) and possibly broke it? Anyway, it wasn't as painful as it was hilarious.

  4. Woo hoo, you're on vacation. I liked getting such a kind comment from a CHAMP! I'm trying to feel good about myself despite the terrible ride. I wish I liked the cycling better.