Monday, July 16, 2007

Why Rich Kids Suck.

I was walking across a parking lot earlier today and two rich kid dudes were walking towards me. One of them dropped a shiny quarter and, hand to god, neither of them stopped to pick it up or even paused in consideration. I know they heard it too because I was ten feet away and I heard it! Those fools left a quarter lying on the ground because they simply couldn't be bothered. Rich kid jetsam! I was shocked but you can damn skippy bet that I picked it up and put it in my pocket.

My husband sweats change, I think. He leaves a shower of coins behind him everywhere he goes and, crow-like, I pick it all up. Mostly it gets dumped in one of the large coin containers we have around the house but any change I find while vacuuming I consider payment and keep for myself. I've also been known to scramble around on the floor near where Kenny empties his pockets if I need change for lunch or something. It's a goldmine up there! Last weekend I finally had gotten tired of our retirement money being scattered hither and yon and I collected it all into a large bucket. My plan is to take it to the bank (they have one of those coin sorter machine thingies) and buy a pony with the proceeds. Kenny doesn't know about the pony yet but I'll let him ride it too. I'm not a complete bitch.


  1. I happily picked up a dime the other day that had had a very hard life (until it came into mine). I think it had been dropped from a spaceship and run over by a street cleaner or something. Ten cents! All mine! The kids around here aren't much for picking up change either. Their loss, my gain. Is that what "trickle down economics" really means?

  2. HAHAH! I laughed so hard when I got to the pony I choked on my water.