Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling Punchy.

Yesterday was an interesting day inside my head. I had some nice duality going on, for sure. The weather here is unseasonably warm and yesterday on my lunch break I took a walk across the campus to buy stamps. On my way back I paused by the lake and happily watched the ducks paddling around and diving for their lunch. It was peaceful, the sky was blue, and it occurred to me to feel grateful and lucky that my life is so easy, comparatively. I don't live in a war zone, I'm not poverty stricken, I have people in my life that love me, a roof over my head, etc. I stood there and felt very fortunate. Two seconds later I was annoyed as all hell because the tag in my sweater was itchy.

It's that week, though, so pretty much everything is annoying me. I get this internal frustration that hangs like a little black cloud over my head. Can you see it? I'm not really surprised.

Last night I went to yoga after work hoping it would chill me out. Good one! That's funny. Yoga isn't any good if you're all keyed up and grumpy, which I really, really was. Also, I was still in a world of pain from the mountain bike ride I did on Sunday. Every. Move. Hurt. It was starting to piss me off, but I decided to push through it and just concentrate on how I'd feel afterwards, when I was home eating dinner and drinking wine. Heh.

The woman on the mat next to me in class was older and was dressed in high-waisted, pleated mom shorts and a polo shirt. This doesn't seem comfortable to me, but maybe Downward Facing Wedgy is what she was going for. Either way, by the end of the class I was ready to punch her in the face. OM THIS, LADY.

What is my damage, you might wonder? Why would a peaceful, tranquil, body-bending experience such as yoga make me punchy? I'll tell you why - she was a moaner. Yes, through each and every pose she quietly moaned in a way that was both creepy and overly-intimate. She moaned, she groaned, she let it all out.

One of the reasons I enjoy taking yoga at my gym is because I can avoid Yoga People and still take yoga. She was Yoga People and she was grossing me out. I lay their trying to relax with clenched fists, which is pretty funny today, but not so much last night.

I didn't truly relaxed until last night during an episode of Hidden Potential when the prospective house buyer, commenting on green striped flooring, said, "This would be great... for turtle racing!"

TURTLE RACING. Oh my God, I love that. Still.


  1. SOLD! Now I have a place for all my turtles! Hurray!

  2. Downward facing wedgie. Priceless. Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. Well. At least Yoga Lady wasn't farting. Or was she? Also, some Yoga People call themselves yogis. Yeah, I think that's stupid too.

  4. A scratchy annoying tag can ruin just about any moment.

  5. Pleated pants are no one's friend. EVER. Especially in yoga.

    The moaning is awful. Awful. Ugh.

    I will shamefully admit I made overly loud huffing noises in spinning class the other day during a particularly hard climbing section and I was immediately embarrassed that I did.

  6. Ha! I'm going to further annoy you and tag you for this blog-tag thing.