Friday, January 4, 2008

The Unbearable Lightness of Pastry

You guys, I bought this evil cream-cheesy chocolate muffin and inhaled half of it and the other half is looking at me. Please advise.

I have just been obsessed with food, lately. I mean, more than normal. I think it's the cold weather because I feel like a bear that is readying itself for hibernation, only I want cheese and chocolate instead of raw salmon (though I'd probably eat that too, especially if it were rolled around some cream cheese.) I remember a few years ago when I was Super Health Girl and was able to distance myself from food and view it in a distracted sort of way, as a source of nutrition and energy. Back then I would never have bought a muffin with a creamy cream cheese pleasure center. I wouldn't even have considered such a thing. Now I buy it and eat half and then I'm tortured by the other half's siren song: Oh, Amblus! How I looooove you. How I want you to... NOM NOM NOM.

Whoops. At least I don't have to listen to it anymore.


  1. I have been eating a chocolate bar with a rum caramel "pleasure center." It be very good.

  2. Holy crap, "pleasure center" is killing me. I have been similarly obsessed with food until the past couple of days--I think I killed my appetite. Well, smothered it in butter is more accurate.

  3. "Now with ribbed Pleasure Center, for her pleasure."