Monday, January 21, 2008


My weekend was SO EXCITING. Okay, not really. It was satisfying though.

Saturday: I had lunch out with my Mom here, where we drank $9 glasses of wine and I ate moules frite. I adore some moules but every time I order it I feel like I'm playing shellfish roulette and I wonder, will this be the day I get a bad mussel? It hasn't happened yet but I'm sure my day is coming. After lunch we toddled over to the chocolate shop so I could buy an assortment of gross candy that nobody but me likes (chocolate covered gummi bears and Trolli gummi cola bottles, to be specific. See? Stop making that face.) and then we went to see Juno which is 100% worth the hype. I swears.

On the way home it was snowing and I took this picture of the house, but forgot to turn off the flash (get clicky to see the full size):

snowy night

Cool, right? It's snowing magic, y'all!

Then I went inside and Stella arranged herself thusly:

stella still life

I tried to tell her how much I love her with a hug but she glared at me and stalked off to listen to Morrissey and practice her goth eyeliner look.

Sunday I worked on the fucking bathroom of doom. Here's when I started. I KNOW SHUT UP.

Here's the progress I made along with a dust-filled self portrait:

bathroom Jan3

bathroom Jan2

bathroom Jan

working portrait

The End.


  1. That picture of Stella makes me want to squeeeeeeze her. Black cats are fantastic because you can see only their eyes. As for the bathroom, I love the painter's tape detailing.

    It snowed here too! About half an inch or so, and then it all froze so it's kind of cool.

    But the BIGGEST news I have - our kitties are blowing up the internets!! I took the pic but alas didn't write the caption. Anyways here's the link:

  2. The mid-winter daffodils are very nice. And the bathroom will get done eventually, even if you finally get sick of it and hire somebody like someone I know did. (Okay, it was me.)


    Here is my belated birthday present to you. If you listen carefully you can hear the potato laughing.

  4. Beautiful kitty! And you're lovely too. I like your hair.