Thursday, January 3, 2008

Righteous Ennui

What the hell. Why am I not at home in my monkey pajamas eating cookies? I have been unable to write due to the weight of having to live like a grown person again. Days and days of grazing on a selection of fatty holiday snacks, drinking inappropriate amounts of wine at inappropriate times, and staying in my pajamas all the live-long day has completely ruined me. I want the finer things back! Fuck this!

On the bright side, tomorrow is Friday.

That out of my system, I had a ridiculously nice holiday. I didn't do jack shit. Remember that Christmas when I spent my whole week off painting the kitchen? Har-dee HAR. THAT WAS STUPID. I mean, sure, the kitchen looks great and my bathroom still looks like this from when I stopped scraping back in July, but I had more important things to do. Things like:

- Sleeping. A lot.

- Perfecting my Wii tennis backhand.

- Playing with the new fancy remote that came with the digital cable/DVR we just got(!!!) which was not so much a Christmas gift as it was me making begging puppy noises until Kenny broke down weeping and told me to order the damn thing. Thanks, honey! Sorry I broke you!

- Eating fancy cheese and really good bread and ginger cookies and homemade chocolates and shortbread and spicy nuts and decorated sugar cookies. For lunch.

- Watching back-to-back episodes of my new crack, Flip That House. I also like Flip This House.
(I love that neither network could come up with a better title. If I had to come up with my own flipping show I'd call it Gonna Flip A Mother-Effing House, Yo! Or maybe, FLIP, FLAP, SOLD! Something good like that.)

- Looking at the insane stack of nice gifts I got and feeling overwhelmed by the stuff-ness of it and then immediately feel the need to go check out all the post-holiday sales.

- Going to see The Golden Compass with my sister. It was a great movie but could have used Daniel Craig more effectively, I think.

Ok, God. I'm so depressed. I have to work some more and then go to the gym and then make dinner and tomorrow morning I have to get up early AGAIN and shower and put makeup on and drive to work. Over and over and over again. Weeping.


Zephyr camped out under the tree the entire time it was in the living room:

Here is the living room looking all nice:

And, the aftermath:

Kenny is happy:

This is my sister's tree:

Pretty! I go cry now.


  1. It be okay. Christmas come again real soon. Like 11 months from now. Oh, hey, it's almost your birthday! But, that's not a holiday. Yet!

  2. I'm with you! Fuck this, the post-holiday doldrums are upon us. Cheer up, MLK day is only about two weeks away. You can have a big party then. You can even have another tree if you really want to.

  3. Yes, post-holiday sucks. Especially the part about full 40 hour weeks with absolutely no break. Hell, we don't even get MLK Jr. day off.

    That tree looks lovely, I would like to sit in front of it drinking wine and eating popcorn.

  4. I don't get MLK day off! I work at a private institution. I weep.

  5. I don't either! Everyone else in the household will get to putter around all day on the 21st and I'll work. And not even any damn mail delivery. I really should have re-thought that post office career. Half my life would be a holiday then.

  6. This is why we plan a Tahoe trip every year in early January. Gotta extend the lazing about for a little while.

    Looking at your living room, I realize I need some art. I like your art.

  7. Buck up, little buckaroo! Christmas isn't 11 months away. It's only, like, 7 months away in the Parallel Retail Universe.

    Hobby Lobby should start putting trees out again by, oh, July 4th.
    It'll be here before you know it.

  8. Yep. Going back to work was a huge drag. I'm so glad it's Friday!

    Also, I'm so jealous you got a Wii!

  9. The Wiis are awesome! Liz and I highly recommend Dance Dance Revolution.