Friday, January 11, 2008

I got tagged...and it itches.

Oof, I got tagged by my friend KB, y'all. I'm supposed to tell you 7 random and/or weird things about myself, but really, is there anything left that y'all don't already know? I can't imagine I haven't already told you every nasty little thing. Okay, here goes:

1. My friend KB is one of my oldest online friends. Her #4 pretty much outlines how we met but we didn't actually meet in person until my husband and I hung out with her and her husband on our honeymoon in Savannah. They are good people. She suggested we spend a couple days on Tybee Island which was the best damn part of the honeymoon. Thanks for the suggestion, KB! And yes, I made my husband meet my ONLINE friend on our HONEYMOON. I am a catch. How did he get so lucky?

2. I'm pretty sure I don't want kids and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to change my mind. I'm a little tired of being told this decision is somehow "selfish". That makes no sense to me. Wouldn't it be more selfish to bring small people into the world when I doubt I really want them? Don't misunderstand, I like kids, I just don't want to raise kids.

3. My 36th birthday is next Wednesday and I'm kinda "eh" about it. I get dinner out and bread pudding, which is awesome. Moving on! Nothing to see here.

4. I'm reading a serious book about a difficult subject right now and when I read in public I secretly hope people are impressed. I can't even believe I just told y'all that. Embarrassing.

5. I hate diet Coke. I hate diet anything and I think artificial sweetener tastes like poison. If you offer me a beverage under the guise of it's original form and it's actually "diet", I will be very sad. I will also probably mock you a little bit.

6. The sight of a dead squirrel in the road will bring me to tears every time. There's something about the tiny, soft-looking lump of grey fluff that really upsets me. It makes me hope squirrels have a little heaven somewhere that's all oak trees and full bird feeders.

7. I can tie a knot in a maraschino cherry stem using only my tongue. I have skills, people. Skills you can't even imagine.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for playing along! I'm so glad you turned out to be normal and not some dirty old internet pervert like Erik feared you would be.

  2. Hey, birthday lady! Just because you don't post doesn't mean you can hide. Have a happy birthday!!

  3. Your sister told me it's your birthday today. And because I do everything she tells me to (still hurting from that jump off the cliff), here I am. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER OF CLAUDIA!

  4. Happy birthday!! 36?you don't look a day over 25...


  5. Happy birthday, Adrien. I, too, am here because your sister's wish is my command. Enjoy your bread pudding.