Friday, May 4, 2007

Do me a favor.

Oh hoo. I just realized that when I sent notification out about this journal change I sent it to my Keen mailing list by mistake. Apparently it was saved in my cookies earlier when I sent out craft show notification and I just hit "send" without thinking. Whoops? Which means that my Mom probably is reading this now. Hi Mom! Stop reading. No really, just stop reading. Nothing to see here. I'd like you keep your mistaken assumption that I'm well adjusted.

Ah, when Internet worlds collide.

I don't really care if Keen folks start reading this but I do care about sending them unwarranted blog spam. Sorry guys! Pretty jewelry for sale! Whee? What I really don't want to do is send ANOTHER email explaining my mistake because that will, 1) draw more attention to it (seriously mom, you can stop reading now) and 2) bring the tally up to three emails that the Keen list unwittingly got from me today. Three in one day is pushing it, I think.

I'm tired.


  1. New blog! Time to update my links.

  2. You are turning your back on Diaryland?! *cries* What will happen to Andrew?!