Friday, May 4, 2007

So scary and new

I'm still reeling about this. It feels weird to not be on Diaryland after all these years. But, this is free. And look at my super-cute masthead! It was made for me by my friend Suzanne who is a crack hand at photoshop. I love how evil the Fuzz looks in that picture. Fuzz is really a sweet cat unless you happen to be standing in the way of her food. Or any food. Then she will cut a bitch.

I still haven't done all the site-switchover housekeeping (links and whatnot) and won't be shutting down my D-land account, I'll just not be posting new stuff or paying for the gold privileges. Screw that monkey noise, I need that money for beer.

Speaking of drinking, Arts in the Park this weekend! It's going to be two fun-filled days of looking-but-not-buying, sneers, weirdos and boredom. Or! Perhaps our customers will find us and be delighted to snap up the newest and shiniest offerings from Keen. We could really use a good show, I'm telling you that. See also: funnel cake. FUUUUUNNNNEEEELLL CAKE. There's a reason that funnel cake starts with FUN.

God help me.


  1. Damn Girl - I was just over at WordPress doing the same thing. F*&$ you, Diaryland! I'm not ready for the official unveiling yet, though. Just messing around, feathering the new nest. Will we see you tonight? C
    P.S - love the masthead. But won't Stella be jealous?

  2. Welcome to Blogger! I made the switch a year ago and haven't looked back.

  3. I'll be happy to keep up with you here. And I too may follow the herd to blogspot. I give the finger to DL.

  4. Aw yeah, you a blogger now girl!
    Thanks for the linkage too, though um check the spelling.

  5. Funnel cake is delicious, one of my favorites but still elephant ears top my list of the best.

  6. Look at the shiny new digs! Nice!

    Anne L.