Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Here, catch.

A few days ago Essaywriter posted this and made me laugh:

Not to be cynical or anything, but sometimes I wonder why we just don't sit around and throw twenties at each other.

I KNOW. I was doing fine for a while but the last few days of last-minute-gift-scramble and the frustrated realization that I have to give the new temp a gift has made me feel like flinging money at people and screaming, "HERE, TAKE IT. JUST TAKE IT ALL." I really do like the holidays but I hate that weird pressure that what you've bought or made isn't enough and MORE IS REQUIRED. OH, AND IT BETTER BE THOUGHTFUL.

Wah! I think I'm pretty much done. I don't really want much myself this year, though a "thank you for the new brakes" card from my car would be very much appreciated. Speaking of cards, last night I got the card I wait for all year! It's from our ex-landlord and she does a photo card of her pet rabbits. The card is from all of them, which I appreciate. The photo card of my nieces this year was pretty great too, but sorry kids, the rabbits totally win.

Anyway, here's a short list of what I want this year:

- a pony, even if it's bitey and eats dog houses.
- for my mom to email me or call me and NOT assign a task.
- world peace! Ha, not really.


  1. YOUR PRECIOUS NIECESDecember 18, 2007 at 6:18 PM

    You're not our best friend any more! Since you'd rather look at bunnies, we'll just take back that pony we bought you with our shredder business money and give you a DAMN TWENTY INSTEAD!

  2. Hi, I havent really started shopping. I've got my sister and her boyfriend done (gift card to an art supply store) and part my other sister's gift (Keen earrings).

    That still leaves, oh, EVERYONE ELSE! Fuck. I like my money in my bank account, but sadly it isn't going to be staying there.

  3. They have a creepy robotic pony at Target that's only like $250. It had all the little girls enthralled (including J).