Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Because you needed more proof that I'm a bad person.

From Yahoo:

Tiny horse has big heart

Thumbelina, the smallest horse ever, goes on a 40,000-mile tour to cheer sick kids.
Video clip

When I read this I rolled my eyes a lot. When I watched it, I rolled them even more. Not because I'm made of stone (lord knows I love a super cute teeny-tiny horse) but because if you watch the video, Thumbelina looks like she'd like to be anywhere else other than where she is and I think she is actually trying to bite that guy. I sincerely doubt that one morning she lovingly caressed his face with her tiny hooves and said, "let's go cheer up sick kids!" Mostly I'm guessing she would like a nice field full of clover. Alone. And to not be on TV.

In other unrelated news, last night I set the glass dome lid to my wok on the kitchen counter top and watched as if in slow motion as it slid off, hit the floor and broke into a thousand pointy shards on the kitchen floor. Damn cheap ass IKEA untempered glass. Stella, who was in the kitchen when it happened, immediately proceeded to prance through the shards before I could stop her. She was unscathed, thankfully, because she's a cat and that's what cats do. They prance through the havoc, whether they wreaked it or not.


  1. Ok, I neeeeeed a teeny tiny horse now! I want to see my dogs romp around with that thing.

  2. Poor stupid horse. She is unloved.

  3. If Thumbelina tours Virginia, we could kidnap her... there have to be empty clover fields in the Commonwealth.

    Also, I pulled the slow-motion thing a few days ago when I was trying to place a just-washed glass espresso maker pot thing on the counter. Only I dropped it, and it broke. Loudly and sharply.

  4. MOLLY. You live! Send me your address, stat.