Thursday, December 13, 2007

Everything sticks like a broken record.

God, how did I do this every day for an entire month? I am wracking my brain for something pithy or witty to talk about. I mean, y'all are pretty simple, really, as flying grits eye trauma seemed to amuse you plenty. Good luck with that.

In lieu of any kind of real entry, I feel instead that I need to address a very important comment made recently pertaining to my last entry about Pushing Daisies aka the BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD. This comment distressed me deeply:

I've been watching, but I don't know that I can continue... it seems so fruitless.... although I love the characters, the pie maker and the girl CAN NEVER BE TOGETHER!!!! It makes the will they won't they pointless and I feel sorry for the other girl pining (pineing?) away for a guy that doesn't even know she exists. It's actually quite depressing when you boil it down to the actual facts. I think I'm done with the daisies....

Oh yeah, I'm calling you out, Jen. I totally don't get this because, dang, there have only been eight episodes! How can you just give up and assume they won't find a way? This show is all about innovation and quirkiness and un-reality. Hell, we don't even know WHY Ned has the powers that he has, so we don't know that there's no way around it. Plus, last night a cheese ball turned into a little crab.

I think that needs repeating: A CHEESE BALL TURNED INTO A LITTLE CRAB.

Sheesh. In other news, Project Runway is just so great this season! I will be the first to admit that Christian is my favorite because he's such a bitchy monkey. A monkey I can keep in my pocket for when I need to snark about someone's bad outfit. I'm sure he's getting a lot of hate but I like him. His outfit was great this week too. So there.


  1. Is he a bonobo monkey? Man that was a great episode. Jen is missing out. Missing out.

  2. I LOVE Christian. I love the way he kind of sighed "fierce" to himself, and his little "kind of a big deal" catchphrase. I mean, I hated him at first, and I hated Elisa, and now they are my #1 favorites.

  3. Christian. Dear God. I just can't stand him. Maybe he'll grow on me. I don't know. I did totally dig his outfit this week, though.

  4. I'll have to catch PD on DVD. As for Christian, yeah I hate him and love him. For the same reasons. He reminds me so much of the little poseur punk kids from high school. And yet, he deserved to win the challenge. That was a really nice top. Poor Steven. I just love him. I'll miss him. He's a lovable screw up.

  5. We'll discuss daisies when I'm down for Christmas... I do love the look, the actors etc... but for me it's frustrating. LOVE project runway and Christian, for some reason he reminds me a little of Coryndon (as I imagine him younger... though Christian is probably cheerier) See you soon!

  6. I freaking love Pushing Daisies. It's my favortie new show, followed closely by Chuck.