Friday, November 30, 2007

This world is not set up for me.

Yay, look at me! I updated every goddamn day this month. EVEN WHEN I WAS PUKING. That is dedication, my friends. Thank you all for reading and for the many fine comments. I crave comments like candy. Delicious, self-affirming candy. I will probably be taking the weekend off, but I'll be back with a vengeance on Monday, now that I've gotten a taste for the daily blogging thing.

So, today on my lunch break I went to one of those Big Book stores to get a birthday present for my niece Dusty (of FreshHell fame). Specifically, I went to purchase this:

Here is the description from the Big Book Store's website:

Move over, guys; the girls' retort to The Dangerous Book for Boys is here. No callow imitation, The Daring Book for Girls contains oodles of information and instruction for tomboys and girly-girls alike. This handy 288-page fun tutorial teaches you everything from double dutch and cat's cradle to secret note-passing skills, making friendship bracelets and mastering a perfect cartwheel. It delves into higher mysteries like concocting science projects and deciphering the responses of boys. Novel, but not just a novelty; a bundle of practical fun.

Now. Where in the Big Book Store would you expect to find this book? This book that they have listed under -> Children - Social Issues on their website. I assumed, since it's a children's book, that it would be in the children's book section. Oh ho ho! I looked and looked and looked and looked. And looked. They had an island shelf full of SIMILAR books but not the one I was looking for. I finally and exasperatedly flagged down an employee and she said, "Oh! I know exactly where that is!" and led me out of the children's section and down towards the regular adult fiction section where there was a whole display of them. In.... fiction. This book is not fiction. It's definitely adult-friendly, in that, I think I would enjoy reading such a thing, but CLEARLY IT IS MEANT FOR CHILDREN.

I should add, this is the same bookstore that used to stock Henry James under Classics instead of Complete Crap, so what do they know.


  1. I like candy. Big Box Books suck. I don't really have much to say, just wanted to give you some sweet, sweet goodness. ;-p

  2. impudent hussy1 - i resent that1 [profuse apologies for lower case. no shift key in hell]

  3. Congrats on making the month! You should definitely keep posting as daily as you can!

  4. And then you go DAYS without posting. Post!!!!

    PS Weirdly, I used to be able to leave my wordpress blog URL but not now. What's up with that?