Thursday, November 29, 2007

Large Food. Good Times.

I went out for a work-event lunch today and we went to an emporium of Large Foods. The portions are so large that the weirdo waiter (who had a naaasty cold sore on his lip and was also nauseatingly polite) warned us that the portions were unmanageable. I just don't understand the whole quantity over quality thing, but okay. The lunch I got was fine and huge and afterwards their were giant slices of overly-ridiculous $7 cheesecake. Again, it was tasty and even I'm not so dumb that I'll turn away cheesecake even if it does have cookie dough and peanut butter and chocolate and whipped cream going on, but dang. Way Too Much. Why so much? SO MUCH.

Now I feel like I'm going to explode and lunch was hours ago. Dang it, Large Food.

In completely unrelated news: WHO'S WATCHING PUSHING DAISIES? If you're not, start. I mean, right now. Go to the website and watch the episodes online because it's the single best show on network television right now and you're missing it. It's good on so many levels and it's pretty much exactly my vision of... things. Basically, I want to live in an Amélie world and this show is pretty close to that world. Which is my ideal world. Also, Olive's cleavage is outstanding. Watch it just for that if you want, I don't care. Mostly I just want everyone to keep watching so that it doesn't get lost and canceled in the shuffle of the strike madness. I'm so worried that it will get Keen Eddied and I really can't let this happen so if I have to chain myself to the Porsche driven by whatever asshole Suit kills my favorite shows, I'll totally do that.


  1. I watched it for the first time last night and I'm already hooked. And Olive's cleavage is, indeed, spectacular.

  2. I'm watching! Love it!

    Everyone in it is so pretty - Ron is hot for Chuck and I'm hot for the piemaker. EVERYBODY WINS!! We were Googling Chuck last night and found out she's British, which just about blew our minds. We also found some nudie pics, which was kind of TMI for me but a-ok for Ron. Hahaha.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chi McBride's character. The best! Plus they have awesome guest stars. I'm so excited for Paul Reubens in two (boo!) weeks.

  3. Pushing Daisies is seriously my favorite new show. I've even got Darrell hooked on it. I worry that it will go the way of Wonderfalls and Veronica Mars, however, and I will be sad.

  4. it's funny, cute, quirky and stylistically gorgeous! love that show!

  5. OMG. Who knew that "Daisies" is code for "Kristin Chenoweth's Boobs?"

    Seriously! I love, Love, LOVE the show, but I got a black eye on Wednesday b/c I got too close to the TV when she was wearing the Patriotic Mermaid Costume (if you don't already watch the show, that description should make you want to) and bounce/hopped to the door to meet Chuck.

    She stopped bouncing, but they didn't!

  6. Lee and I are ginormous Bryan Fuller fans (Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, if ya ain't seen 'em, rent 'em) and we've been Pushing since episode one. Lurvs it!

    And yes, there is way too much of Olive's boobs and way too little of Anna Friel's (NSFW and very naughty of me to link to) ;-p

  7. You know you got me hooked! And just saw the first one with Pee-Wee as a guest star, damn!

  8. I've been watching, but I don't know that I can continue... it seems so fruitless.... although I love the characters, the pie maker and the girl CAN NEVER BE TOGETHER!!!! It makes the will they won't they pointless and I feel sorry for the other girl pining (pineing?) away for a guy that doesn't even know she exists. It's actually quite depressing when you boil it down to the actual facts. I think I'm done with the daisies....