Sunday, November 1, 2009

And away we go...

What the hell is wrong with me? Did I really just commit myself to this? And me, in the Worst Mood Ever. I'm having one of those days where everything I do seems to perpetuate more stupidity. I try to clean the kitchen and seem to make more of a mess with every jesture. I finally just gave up. It's a cold, rainy Sunday and even though I had Friday off and the rest of the weekend was fun and productive, I'm still all grumpass.

I told you guys I was going to tell little real-life stories this month (which is pretty much what I do anyway, I guess) but I don't know how realistic that is. I've been pretty actively trying to avoid, you know, Food Lion and the like and that's where all the best stories come from. I guess I need to start hanging out there and get some real crazy down on my ass.


So, Halloween. I've been thinking about Halloween lately and how I really love the idea of it, the delight people take in celebrating the darkside. Death, spookiness and the macabre, all the things most people try to ignore, but on one day a year we celebrate it all up and down. How great is that? No peace on earth, no thankfulness, just candy and skulls and crazy-ass costumes.

On Friday night I was at the grocery store and I looked up and some woman was casually shopping the produce section dressed as a skeleton. Nobody even batted an eye, it was great. That part makes me happy. (And candy. Trick or treating is the best, even though we only got two non-costumed kids this year. What is that about?)

So, why don't I actually want to do it myself? I don't really get all that excited anymore about costuming myself and going out on Halloween. In fact, the idea of costumes just stresses me out because I can't just buy a costume, oh no. I have to MAKE a costume. I have to have a concept and then the next thing you know I'm spraypainting and constructing and it's all out of control. That's just what happens when you're the child of artist parents. I mean, how else would this have happened?

Yes, that's me in an owl costume - my dad made the mask and my mother sewed the costume part. Maybe 1st grade? I don't even remember. Anyway, you're welcome.


  1. You wore the owl costume, too? I'm surprised it lasted that long. I remember them making that for me: dad doing the head gear and mom sewing all those felt feathers. But, yeah. I have no interest in dressing up and making a spectacle of myself anymore. Just zero interest in that.

  2. Oh man, my mother made me a bat costume when I was 4. A little gothy bat in a sea of princesses and ballerinas. It still cracks me up.