Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is this cheating?

Last night's event wasn't profitable for us but it was a lot of fun. Because I've just had a glass of wine and I have to make dinner soon, I will entertain you with some sad iPhone photos from the Divine Design & Craft Boutique:

Here's a little video Kate took:

The gallery space is really sweet and items are available for sale until December 8th, so if you're lame and didn't come out because you had better things to do, you can still GO BUY THINGS.

Today the sun was supposed to finally come out but didn't. Kate and I hung out and did our usual lunch, chocolate shop, various shopping kind of day. The best kind of Saturday, if you ask me. Afterwards I went to do the grocery shopping and as I was walking in the store I felt something funny hurting my eyes. What is that... bright light? Why its the STUPID SUN ABOUT TO SET:

Great timing, SUN.

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