Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Friday! I like stuff!

Blanchard's Coffee. This is a local roaster who's product is my life blood. They sent me a little email recently about some holiday offerings and one of them was this: the Project: ORIGIN gift basket. Part of the proceeds go to help the coffee farmers who work so hard to provide the beans of joy. The basket includes Blanchards coffee beans, a Project: ORIGINS t-shirt, and the best part, a TINYSAUR. My friend Kelly makes the Tinysaur kits so you're also supporting her as an artist when you buy this awesomeness.

(Sisters of mine: do not buy for Dad. Way ahead of you.) I am a fan of expensive makeup, especially expensive makeup at a steep discount. I have bought a bunch of great Stila products dirt cheap! It makes me happy. Here's a tip: if you create an account you get to see a more stuff that's hidden from the random browser.

(Younger sisters of mine: if you see something you want for christmas, now is the time to let me know.)

Yee-Haw. This etsy shop is KILLING ME DEAD. In a good way. There are no words, just clicketyclick.


I am foaming at the mouth, you guys. FOAMING.

(People of mine: if you see something you want for Christmas, now is the time to let me know. This would also be a great place to find ME a gift. Just saying.)


  1. Me! I want good fancy coffee and singing gerbil posters! I did notice that "younger" sisters bit about the makeup. Hmph.

  2. Uh, only because you've never shown any interest in makeup, like EVER. I thought you'd laugh at me if I tried to buy you fancy makeup.

  3. I am only giving you a hard time.

  4. haha! heck yeah, you know I love expensive makeup too. I enjoy the "sets" with different options of color/types of makeup. I too get lost on Etsy looking at all the amazing things I can't have, like these muff scarves - have you seen them?! so cute!