Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My favorite hour.

Well, that was refreshingly dirty of me, huh? For today I think I'm going to tell you a little bit about my favorite way to spend a lunch break in the fall and winter months. When it's warm and classes aren't in session I can sit and read at one of the umbrella-shaded tables outside on the library patio. These tables are popular though, so once the students are back it's really hard to find a free seat and when you do you're usually next to a table full of kids who don't understand that just because you're outside doesn't mean you need to use your Outside Voice.


These kids today have voices like megaphones, no lie.

Because I'm a special flower who just can't tone it all out, I retreat to the most magical of places: The Cellphone-Free Quiet Zone. Yes! They have an entire huge study room in the library just for being fucking quiet in. It's the best. Also! You're allowed to bring in food and drink from the coffee shop downstairs.

(I have to interject to say that initially the idea of Food In The Library made me a little uncomfortable. Isn't that a Rule-Rule? Right up there with Don't Litter and Don't Kill People? But even as a strict rule-follower, I got over this one pretty fast.)

And get this: the magic quiet room is full of big comfy wing back chairs with footrests. I am not even kidding. Sometimes I go in there and just take a little nap, but mostly I hunker down with my tea and maybe a treat and read for the whole hour. It's a really good hour and the view isn't bad either:

When the hour is up I walk back to my office and sometimes I take photos of the campus because it's the prettiest place in town:


  1. Because I am so very Richmond, I miss that library a lot....the way it used to be. All quiet little spaces sandwiched in between the stacks. It's very nice now, though. I miss that place. I wish they weren't so....whacked.

  2. That sounds amazing. Especially the nap part.

    I work at a college too. I will have to see if I can find a space like that in OUR library.