Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introverts Unite! Just not together.

I know I've talked about being an introvert before. I am the kind of girl who sits quietly in front of a computer all morning and then to recover, goes to the library to read on my lunch break. It's not that I don't like people, I'm just pretty happy being alone.

I don't write about work much, but I think I might also have mentioned that back in the spring our department was condensed into one smaller shared space. I now have a corner desk that faces the wall and my boss and coworker sit behind and on the other side of a cube wall from me. I really like both of them, but man, it is too close for comfort. I hear every phone conversation, ever crinkle of paper, every. thing. I don't want to know this much about the people I work with! I really don't. It's hard facing the wall too because folks come in the door and walk right up behind me and sometimes I don't hear them until I feel a hovering presence and that makes me want to punch noses. Or cry, or something.

Yesterday we all went out to lunch and by sheer dumb unluck got sat next to the table with the screeching child and behind the large group with no Inside Voice. The wall of sound around me was so overwhelming that I put my head on the table for a second. I just couldn't tune it out enough to even focus on the menu.

I was talking about it last night with Kenny because he used to deal with a similar situation at work and he's like me, totally fine with saying good morning and other pleasantries, but then could you just shut the fuck up for a while? PLEASE. I told him I'd prefer to have a desk that was on an island, in a cave, or just tucked away in some quiet hidey hole that nobody can find. The nook under the stairwell perhaps.

But, Kenny who knows me really well said that no place would be quiet enough and eventually something would twist me. And he's right. I'd be all, WHAT IS THAT INFERNAL TICKING NOISE. *stomps on watch* AND THAT HUMMING NOISE. *smashes light fixture* AND WHY CAN I HEAR BREATHING *strangles self*

Lalala, it's fun being a weirdo. Now, can you please stop clicking your pen?


  1. That is me. Which is why writing in libraries is not always conducive to writing because people keep WALKING AROUND and SHELVING BOOKS. Surely they could do all that when I leave, right?

  2. Ha, I'm just like you, except I am also sent into space by things that visually offend. Our cubicles have windows at the top and one of my officemates put some of those see-through "jelly" stick-ons - beach them, little orange flip flops and blue sea shells. She topped it all off with a big bouquet of orange silk autumn leaves decorated with glitter. I wanted to punch her.