Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ah, Thanksgiving. It was pretty good - nobody cried and there were only mild misunderstandings. We were all thankful and stuff. My neighbor across the way should be extra thankful that I didn't break his damn noise-polluting leafblower over his head, for one. I'll post photos of the gathering tomorrow, but was good to see everyone and a nearly-nine-year-old beat the crap out of me at Connect Four. I wasn't letting her win or anything, she soundly kicked my ass. Kids today. What can you do?

After that Kenny and I skittered home and forced ourselves to go on a mountain bike ride because the Sun! Was! Out! It would have been illegal not to have taken advantage. We were way over-stuffed and mostly just wanted to take naps but we forced ourselves out. I'm really glad we did because MF it is RAINING AGAIN. I SWEAR TO GOD. Punchline: thunderstorm. What is that?

I took my little iPhone with me and we took a nice long break in the woods to take goofy photos:

I'm sad because the swamp is prettier than me:

Kenny did three wheelies and this was the best I could do at capturing the action:

I made fun of this one for the whole rest of the ride but it was so funny I felt I should share it anyway:

I mean, what the hell is going on here? What am I posing for? Dumbass Bike Weekly?


Then the sun set so we went home and commenced to drinking. The End.

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