Thursday, November 12, 2009

Commercial Interruption

I'm busy as all hell today, so I'm going to pimp my ride a bit instead of complaining about something dumb. Last night I went to the Richmond Craft Mafia meeting and we covered the following topics:

- our upcoming Handmade Holiday show.
- The Ham Biscuit: Why is it called a biscuit when the biscuit is a roll?
- Did you hear? Dawn got a piece in Country Living!
- the upcoming (tomorrow!) Divine Design & Craft Boutique with GayRVA.
- Oooh, that's a cute necklace you're wearing.
- Boobs, babies, etc.
- my phallic butternut squash

My point is, you should really come to both of those shows and buy some awesome stuff from us. We'll even talk about boobs if you want.

Oh! And one more thing. Because I need another blog like a hole in the head, here's one for Keen Designs that I recently created. Whee.


  1. Thanks for the love! guys are back at Ukrop's!

  2. Ham biscuits are supposed to be on BISCUITS, dude. If they're on rolls they are NOT HAM BISCUITS!!

    I actually have that conversation with myself: These aren't ham biscuits, because they are not biscuits. Duh.

    I keep choosing "anonymous" so you won't know who I am. I'll bet you can guess, though.

  3. Nope, I always sign my name because I am a whore and want people to click on my website!


  4. Oh man, which means the joke's on me 'cause blogger just links to your profile not your site like LJ does.

    Oh well.