Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Under the wire.

Man, I'm tired. I had a really long day and I was about to go to bed when I remembered I hadn't updated today. I went to a funeral for my father's favorite cousin, a nice man who died too young from cancer. It was out of town so my father and I were gone for most of the day. It was sad and tiring (and cold and raining, naturally) but I'm really glad I went. I don't know that side of my family very well, but still, family. It's weird to me that I'm related to people I don't really know, but they're so kind and seemed happy to see us.

One of my second(?) cousins is working on the geneology and has emailed with my sister about it. She wants us to get together soon, which I think we should. I'd like to feel more connected to the part of my past I don't know much about.

Sorry, this isn't very interesting but it was an introspective kind of day.

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  1. You talked with Meg? Did she give you her contact information? We can catch up tomorrow - assuming I'm not dead from spider venom.