Monday, November 2, 2009


I took Friday off because, hey, why not have a long weekend just for the hell of it? It was everything I had hoped it would be. The best part is when you're browsing in a store or getting your hair cut or sitting on the couch at 10am in monkey pajamas and think, "If I was playing by the rules I'd be...still sitting at my desk." Haha. I still did my Friday-after-work (or in this case Friday-after-bike-ride) grocery trip because weekend supplies were needed.

I was making butternut squash risotto for dinner Saturday night so I went looking for a sizeable squash and wow, did I find it. There was only one left and I GOT IT. The butternut to end all butternuts! I gasped, I hefted, I took it's photograph immediately:

RIGHT? I mean, how is it possible that this is the squash everyone else passed over? It was like a sign from...somewhere good. I rushed home and before all the groceries were even in the door I was all, "OMGKENNYCOMELOOKCOMELOOKYLOOKYOMG!" Then I decided I needed to take a more formal portrait in order to really preserve the moment so put it next to one of my other favorite food items; a tableau if you will:

Gosh, isn't it something? Overcome by art, are you?

Then I cut it up, roasted the hell out of it and rolled it in with some risotto. And we ate it. The end.


  1. O. M. G. The pink-tinted photo is, um, the best? The most disturbing, at least. I think that squash was outlawed in 29 states.

  2. Wow. Looking forward to more posts like this! EVERY day in November, is that right? :)

  3. That is quite a squash.


    And to think no one else wanted it?

    Haha, seriously fantastic.

  4. Ahahahahaa! We have a packet of that same soup sitting on our kitchen shelf. I'll take a pic of Claudia standing next to it when she's here next week. You know, in case you want to start a cock soup scrapbook or something.

  5. A cock soup scrapbook, eh? I think I found my new hobby.

    lifelove'n'wine, can you BELIEVE nobody else wanted it? I was like, "BONANZA!"