Monday, November 5, 2007

Bread Pudding is my God Now.

Really, it's always right before bed when I realize, oh shit, I have to do that every-day-blog-posty-shit. Lord. I have better things to do like brush my teeth, take out my contacts, and stare at my pores two inches from the mirror. Anyway, yesterday was our seventh wedding anniversary (yay us!) but the restaurant we wanted to go to doesn't do dinner on Sunday night. So, we went tonight and holy crap, holy crap, it was awesome. They do this date night special where you split a bottle of wine, a giant salad, a giant-er bowl of pasta and a dessert for $35. The price doesn't even matter though because the restaurant (Avenue 805 if you're local) is so good that you don't care if it's a bargain or not.

The dessert is always bread pudding and it's always the most amazing thing I've ever eaten. I snarfed it down in moany little spoonfuls and was secretly delighted when Kenny declared himself full because MORE DELICIOUSNESS FOR ME, SUCKER. We rolled home with happy full bellies and halfway through Chuck I realized I was still thinking about that bread pudding and cried a little tear of sadness and joy. Which reminds me of a story:

The Story of Kenny's Brother's Pig Petunia Who Cried.

Once Kenny's brother had a little potbellied pig named Petunia but he overfed her and she got crazy-ass enormous. Little pigs are cute. Crazy-ass enormous pigs are not, but that's not the point. Anyway, some friend of Kenny's brother gave him some barbecued elk meat and he gave some to the pig. Petunia was apparently so overcome with joy over the delicious elk meat that she wept. Yes, she cried tears of meat-induced joy. Kenny still cracks up when he tells me about it so I know it's true. Now go to bed.


  1. See, I *told* you not to do that NaBloPo thingy. What, I didn't? Well I meant to.

  2. HAHAHA! I'm dying over the Petunia story.

    And I must come visit because bread pudding is my favorite dessert ever. I've decided if I ever get married that there will be no wedding cake only wedding bread pudding (and pies).

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  4. Happy Anniversary! That means it's 3 weeks til Dusty's birthday!

  5. I can attest to Ave 805's yummyness! We should do a double date there sometime!