Friday, November 2, 2007

You Could Be RAD. R-A-D!

HI HI OMG HI. HIHIHHI. Guess what I did this morning? I got up stupid-early and went to spinning class at 6:15am because, seriously, desperate measures. I missed my workout yesterday and tomorrow I'm out of town for a show, so I had to do what had to be done. It's not that bad, really, once you're up. My brain continues to snooze until I'm actually in the spinning studio at which point it wakes up all, "Wassah...bikey...whoosat...WHY?" and then we're off and no more thinky, just spinning and sweat and good/bad loud music. Love it.

By the time I leave I am a) completely starving and, b) WIRED. WHICH I STILL AM. Seriously, someone put a helmet on me because I feel like I've been mainlining pixie stix and it's two in the afternoon and I'm vibrating. I'll probably go home and fall in the door half-asleep, but still, all this energy can't be normal. I guess getting up at 5:30am to exercise ain't so normal either but I HAD TO.

The craft show tomorrow is in D.C. (though actually in Bethesda) and hopefully will be awesome. Thankfully, it doesn't start until noon. Unthankfully it goes until 8pm. What the hell is that? Eight hours? Seriously? Add in drive time and that's a 12 hour workday. That sucks. Suckety suck sucks. We better sell some stuff, is all I'm saying. Hmph.

Okay, I'm off to bounce off some walls. BYE Y'ALL.


  1. How is this for sucktastic, I've not been to the gym in 7 whole days. I'm blaming the majority of it on the killer cramps and then the random throwing up that I've been having.

    I'm not one of those girls who is like "Lets go to the gym and knock those cramps out!" I'm more of the girl who moans a lot for a heating pad and a glass of wine. Trashy television and some salt and vinegar chips wouldn't hurt either.

  2. I've been loving getting up extra early every day to make art, but I damn near collapsed from lack of sleep the other day, so I gave up and slept in (til 8am!) for the last two days.

  3. The dedication! I'm impressed!