Tuesday, November 13, 2007


OMG, you guys! I can sit up without clutching my head or my stomach in agony. I can eat something without immediately regretting it. I ate an entire waffle this morning, and even though it took me an hour to finish it, it stayed put. Now, if I could just manage to walk upright without feeling like my brain is cracking in two, we'll be all set. Did I mention that I fucking hate chicken noodle soup? Probably because the only time I ever eat it is when I already feel like crap. Gross by association.

This whole lack of interest in food is pretty interesting though. I mean, the idea that it would take me an hour to eat any kind of bread product is pretty hilarious, but when you don't trust your body to not immediately hurl it right backattcha, it's little wonder I'd be leery about consuming anything, much less a dry toaster waffle. (I've read that sentence three times and I'm still not sure it gramatically makes sense. Huh.)

So, with any luck I'll post some pictures tonight, or maybe not. Who can tell if I'll still be feeling moderately not-awful later this evening. We'll see.

PS. thanks for the comments!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better A.

    I'm surprised I'm not sick yet, the guy that sits to my right in my Calc class has been coughing nonstop for at least a month now and I usually keep my head turned as to try and lessen my chances of inhailing whatever funk he hacking up. But today the guy to my left was also hacking up a lung, I was trapped!!

    By the end of class my chest felt heavy and lungs hurt as if I was breathing in harmful fumes, all I keep thinking is oh great, I definitely will be sick soon.

    I came home and sat outside to get some fresh air, I hope it helps.

  2. Yay, some progess on the feeling better front!