Sunday, November 4, 2007

Documenting The Crazy

Okay, I'm kind of a liar because you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the photos. I'm tired and this time change thing isn't helping at all. I did enjoy my extra hour of sleep this morning, though. That part ruled. Anyway, one story before bedtime:

Toothless Crazy Lady Steals Our Shit

When she walked up I sort of held my breath because I am very adept at recognizing the crazy when I see it and usually it's 1,000 weird questions but no purchase of any kind. We'd been having a good run up to that point and were feeling mildly successful. Before she got started, the toothless crazy lady (who in retrospect looked a bit cracked out and had this insane tongue that she kept lapping around her lips in a way that was truly, truly disgusting.) asked us upfront if we'd except her husband's credit card because, "The card is in his name but I pay the bills."

Sure, we're pretty trusting and haven't been burned yet. She picked out a couple of pieces pretty quickly, we ran her card with our little knuckle-buster and off she went to the next vendor. I suggested to Kate that we call in the card as soon as possible and then we realized we didn't have our merchant number and the phone number with us. We shrug, we carry on sitting out the Longest Show Ever.

A while later I come back from the bathroom and Kate says, "I have bad news and worse news." The bad news was that all the info we needed to call in the charge was, uh, printed right on our card swiper. Duh. The worse news is that Kate called in Crazy's charge and it was all, DO NOT HONOR.

So yeah, it was pretty dumb of us, but in three years this is the first time we've been ripped off so we're not too upset by it. It takes too much time (and cellphone $) to call in each charge as we get them, but from now on we'll call in anything that raises alarm bells. I don't like to judge people by appearance, but she had the swirly-eyed stamp of crazy written all over her face and we should have trusted our instincts on this one.

Kate's take on it was that if the crazy lady needed some sparkly jewels in her life badly enough to steal them, then maybe they were meant to be hers. Heh.


  1. Ah, that sucks about the lady, but like you said, at least you've had a good run without any issue.

    As for the 6:15 spinning classes, you go girl! There is no way in hell you'd catch me waking up then, let alone exercising.

    And now that it's cold in the early morning means a double rezounding hell-NO.

  2. "Swirly-eyed stamp of crazy" cracked me up. I will have to keep an eye out for any of those at the next show I do. Lord knows we have enough of them in our neighborhood.

  3. Damn, that is too bad about the crazy lady and her credit card of deceit.

  4. That Kate is a far kinder woman than I. ;)

  5. Sweet Kate, what a great perspective! Here tongue thing was really nasty! She tried that with every one on my side of the room too! Asking if they took debit cards they did not take cards so they were safe. She did not need an apron so I was saved!

    Oh man! that sucks!

  6. Yuck, how annoying! Thanks for your comment--I'm psyched to get some time off from running.