Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today I took a picture of a urinal and a Kotex dispenser.

Another show, a bunch more stories. I refuse to tell them tonight because I current feel like I might barf. I ate not a thing that wasn't complete crap today and topped it off with half a pizza. Urp. I feel completely grody.

We had a great show today, though, and made a bunch of money. The show was held in a Masonic Temple, hence the odd pictures. How can you not take a picture of a vintage Kotex dispenser? Only a nickel for some sweet pad goodness!


  1. That is really not fair to say that and then not share the photo. You should sent the photo into:
    Urinal Dot Net™. I went through a whole potty phase a while back.

  2. I really should proof my comments for typos before submitting.