Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Dread

Meh. The end of a really really long weekend is always kind of depressing and I have a bit of the Sunday Dreads. Today was pretty good overall and I did the stuff I wanted to do, but still. Sunday night. Meh.

I did manage to go back out to the antique/thrift store with my mom and pick up the cute table for our dining room and also a little cabinet for the bathoom. Our house is so cute right now! I'll have to take more pictures so I can remember how it looks when things go back to their usual slovenly state.

In Crazy People news, I got this email today in the Keen account:

Hello ,I own a Boutique/gift shop here in Florida, and after looking over your website I am extremely interested in your products, I was wondering if I might request a few samples to see what I think of your product before making a large purchase for my store , thank you and I look forward to doing business with you.

I felt like responding:

Dear Crazy, You fucking wish.

Seriously, was I born yesterday? I did a quick search on her incredibly stupid email address (the first part was Mothertomy2girls@...) and what a surprise! Other indie designers have gotten the same scam and I'm sure it probably works too. I know when we first started we were green enough to fall for this kind of thing. It really pisses me off though, because dang, if you have to steal, go steal from a big corporation or something. Or hey, don't steal at all! Preying on tiny independent artists is just nasty. I sort of might have written her back to tell her I though so too. Hmph.


  1. I never trust anyone with "mommy" in their email address.

  2. did she give you a mailing address? maybe she'd like a box of garbage...
    i mean really, what the hell is wrong with some people?

  3. Thank you, thank you!
    I just received the exact same email and was googling her and your post came up.

    No longer green,