Friday, November 23, 2007

I seriously almost forgot.

Here it is, 10:30pm and I am just now getting around to blog-time. Lord how the time flies when I'm not working.

If I was a smart cookie I would carry my camera around with me everywhere and would have a picture of the fantastic new table my sister found and bought for me for a Christmas present. I needed a dining room table to fit in our tiny little 1950's miniature dining room (was everyone an elf back then?) and decided that one of those cool vintage kitchen tables would be just the thing. The one we found is super cute and super still at the store because neither of us has a car big enough to fit it in. I'm going back for it on Sunday, never fear.

Yesterday I watched a lot of HGTV, especially my beloved House Hunters with Suzanne Whhhahang. This is the best show ever because you get to watch complete idiots throw over wonderful cute houses because, "I really don't like the paint color in this room." Because paint is permanent, people! My other favorite comment is when they walk into a simply ginormous and lovely kitchen and whine, "Hmmm. The kitchen is pretty small and outdated." OH MY GOD. They do not even KNOW small! Let me tell you about OUTDATED. I just want to crack skulls at that point. I also love love love the people who look at a perfectly perfect little Craftsman style cottage full of charming built-ins and then worry that their giant-screen TV won't fit. GOOD, BECAUSE THAT HOUSE IS WAY TOO AWESOME FOR YOU SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO BUY A NICE SPLIT-LEVEL, ASSHOLE.

I get a little...involved is what I'm saying. I love you, television.


  1. Right. Those fuckers. I want a real Craftsman bungalow and all they can think of is "My 500 foot TV won't fit?" They should definitely not have a bungalow. And PS to all realtors: Bungalow is an architectural style, not a synonym for "small."

  2. Barbara: Sing it, Sister!
    Same goes for "Cottage." Real cottages have specific architectural features. Bastards.

  3. Oh, I miss Suzanne Whhhhang and her blunt bangs. That show is the best. Having no cable sucks.