Monday, November 26, 2007

Hidely Ho, Readerinos.

Hi! I'm at work which is usually fine but today makes me want to drum my head on my desk. Shit, even the cats looked all depressed when I left the house this morning and they don't have jobs, unless sleeping all day is a job. Fuzz will probably drag some of Kenny's gross socks around the living room and Stripes might hack up a hairball, but still. Not jobs.

I don't have much of an entry today, but as promised, I have pictures! Here is the table my sister and I picked out (click for a bigger version):

new table2

I need to find cute chairs to match and paint the wood trim a non-minty color, but really, I'm completely delighted with how cute it looks. YAY.

My mother bought me this little chest of drawers for my bathroom:

bathroom dresser

I'll probably paint it eventually but for now it's shabby chic. Why are you laughing?

Anyway, if that's not enough entry for you I also (finally) added a new picture-full entry on my bike blog:

I am an updating MACHINE today, people.


  1. Ooh, love the table! And I need that chest of drawers thing in my bathroom. Our "medicine cabinet" is a grocery bag in the hall closet. Sad.

  2. very cute!! love the shabby chic look.

  3. The table looks great in its new home! And I covet that set of drawers. Once I de-ugly my bathroom, I need to find something just like that.