Friday, November 9, 2007

Why Rich Kids Suck, Part Two.

I shake my head at today's wealthy youth, those who live in a safe little bubble created by a lifetime of fiscal security and really good skincare products. Now, I like my job and the benefits are great, HOWEVER. I'm still going to have moments where my inner 18 year-old, the one who went to art school and worked two jobs and usually didn't have enough money for cigarettes and lunch, wants to kick some rich kid butt. Not literally, just...maybe.

Last night I went to the gym on campus. I use the regular student locker room instead of the fancy faculty/staff one because a) there are lockers I can actually use and, b) I would rather not change in front of co-workers. (Really, think about how many ways that could be awkward.)

Anyway, I'm in the middle of changing when this student comes prancing in, singing a little song. She continues to sing as she changes, flinging her stuff hither and yon. Then she left...and left all her stuff splayed across one of the four benches in the locker room. Her coat thrown down, her bag wide open, clothes everywhere, her shoes in the middle of the floor. Basically, acting like it was her bedroom. I went and worked out for an hour and when I came back to change her shit was all still there. I couldn't believe it.

I was SO CLOSE people. So close to shoving it all on the floor. I really considered it, but I had to remind myself that I AM AN ADULT and also that it is not my job to school her. Plus, for all I know, there are security cameras and shit in there. Not worth it.

Man, being an adult sucks sometimes.


  1. I would never be able to exercise such restraint. I would have had to throw at least ONE of her things on the floor.

  2. So often it's only the thought of security cameras recording me that I don't act on most of my impulses. Because, yeah. We got those kind here too. And many of them need to be taught a few LIFE lessons.

  3. Being an adult also sucks when you really, really, really want to buy a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes on a trip to NYC but refrain so that you can both pay rent and eat that month. Sigh.

  4. OMG - Found you on NaBloPoMo.

    I don't know how to tell you this, but I believe we may be previously conjoined twins, separated and parceled out at birth.

    Love, LOVE the boating pic.
    Love it all. You rock.

  5. HAHA! Dude, I'm totally right there with you. I joined the community gym on campus because it has very few college aged folks working out there.

    But on the times when they do invade (because their gym is closed) it fucking makes me insane.

  6. Being an adult does sometimes suck. However, there are compensations. I just can't remember what they are right this minute. ;-D

    I just dropped in from NaBlo. Trying to visit a lot of bloggers, see some new sites, and make a few friends along the way.

  7. Whoa. I have to find an old post I wrote that is so spooky-close to this one, some of my archives are hanging out on my hard-drive. (close - in that it's a tirade about the kids at the 40 grand a year college I worked at strewing their stuff all over the place. Mine digressed into the unfortunate horrors of the time I walked into the faculty-staff locker room just as it turned out a whole horde of my colleagues were returning from the showers having just aerobicized. I think I may have been scarred for life. Maybe I don't want to find that post....)

    Wow, that was extra-paranthetical, even for me. Um, so, yes, good job on being an adult, if only cause you might not be able to keep up with NaBloPoMo from jail. :-)

    Sorry if my blogger name displays as "mean", it's stuck somehow, it's supposed to say rebecca. heh.

  8. My hat is off to you for acting like an adult. I'd say that since we are all being watched at least a tenth of our waking lives, it's a good idea to proceed through one's day with ample restraint. That being said, Rich kids are a pain. Because they are so entitled and they are so oblivious to how they come off to those of us who are not, and never will be, so financially fortunate. This young woman you described has been picked up after by help since she popped out of the womb. When I see people behave like that, my mind automatically says, "Rich Kid". Yup. I've been around hundreds of them in my life. It's a definite attitude. It's not that they are evil or malicious, just clueless and unselfaware.